1. NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: These get processed once weekly or as soon as 3 or more new member applications are received.

2. It takes 3-5 business days to process NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS with payment and creating new memberships in the database.

3. It then could take an additional business day to receive your WELCOME EMAIL after the processing of your application is complete, (sent to the email address you provided on your application).

4. After your welcome email arrives, you will receive a NEW MEMBER PACKET in the USPS MAIL within 7-10 business days to the address you provided on your application.

5. If you need anything processed sooner, you will need to specifically include that on the email or application somewhere and reason for doing so as our membership cards come in quantities of threes. Thank you for your interest in joining MAPA and we look forward to having you!

All members of MAPA receive the MAPA LOG, the monthly publication of the association. The MAPA LOG is full of hints, tips, and information on how to better maintain and fly your Mooney airplane while reducing expenses. Typically 48 pages in length with color and black-and-white, the MAPA LOG is one of the very best type-club publications in existence. Our Digital option offers you access to this resource in an online-only format if you choose.

View a complete list of Membership Benefits on our BENEFITS Page.

Fill out and Print our new Membership Application: 2022 New Member App

- OR - If you did not receive or need a new Membership Renewal Generic: 2022 Member Renewal Generic

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